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A little grey, a big bow


As I’ve said before, I’m all about the details. In this case, not such a little one. A large one actually. Huge, if you will. I came across yet another grey sweater (…for those all ‘huh?’ I have a bit of a penchant for anything grey and made of jersey/cotton…) They color and simple cut of the top first lured me to the h&m rack, but it was the massive black bow on the shoulder that won me over.

I’ve been mulling over how to incorporate a honking bow into my wardrobe for a while (yes, I actually ponder these things…) and while I’m not one for wearing things in my hair à la madge for LV, I do like the look of a big floppy bow, and having the thing perched on my shoulder seems like a perfectly demure alternative.

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Pause café


I’ve been running around like a madwoman since last week which is why I come to you all first with an apology for not answering and not posting in a few. A million newly materialized side projects and a bit of an exciting life development have kept me quite busy. I really wish I could elaborate more, but I can’t just yet… ack. Soon, promise!!

The following are a few snaps from one of my favorite cafes in Montreal. Warning: you’ve got to prepare yourself mentally beforehand if you plan to make the trip. It’s smack in the heart of the Mile End, where all the Yuppies and Trendsters play. (..No hating here, but all that plaid and expensive-new-clothes-made-to-look-really-really-old really makes my eyes narrow..)

But the point is not so much the people, but the place.. Every time I walk in there I am so utterly charmed. I only ran in to quickly pick up some coffee this time but would have happily sat for the requisite few hours usually aloted to a Croissanterie visit. (Like I said, major madwoman times this week…)

The lights, the little booths, the corner window view…It’s definitely a classy little joint. I didn’t get a picture of it but there’s also the worlds tiniest front terrace complete withminiature round tables and spindly little chairs.. that always make me think of Paris. Of course then there’s the question of coffee (they have the real mochachinos there with bitter chocolate) and croissants (it’s not called the Croissanterie for nothing folks)..

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After running off to Costa Rica and falling in love with surfing a few months ago, I was happily surprised to watch the sport pick up momentum within the fashion community. Everywhere I look these days I see something made out of lycra or tie died (a slightly less inspired take I suppose) … Sporty cuts and necklines and the body con-type tops, bottoms, dresses, one-pieces… while you’d be hard pressed to catch me running down the street in a cropped wet suit any time soon, (still best reserved for the beach i say..) there are definitely other ways to send a little nod in direction of the sport.

I took my inspiration from a slew of magazines… While flipping through the pages I noticed some takes were a little more litteral than others..

…Because it’s so subversive to do a cover story (Vogue US June 2010) with surf lessons as the backdrop… I was already a bit skeptical when Hamish Bowles ‘roughed it’ while camping a few issues back and now they’ve thrown the poor man on a surfboard.. (he would be the one in middle, on his knees ‘gamely trying to stand’…)

And then there are the more creative approaches which I think speak for themselves. The layering and amount of different pieces in some of the editorials combined with the patterns and especially the colors associated with surf culture are my favorite part. There’s also something so earthy about the sport…which…is kind of ironic… no?

belt – Tristan | dress – fcuk | shorts – nylons (diy) | lace bra – aa

tank top – Marc Jacobs | shirt – unknown | shorts – Zara | brogues – Steve Madden

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Julia X Beau


I find Julia Dunstal so increadibly gorgeous… but asides from my slight girl crush, the editorial she did for L’Officiel May 2010 issue (shot by Beau Grealy) has me really reconsidering my stance on leather shirts (though I still have a hard time believeing anyone would really want to throw one on in the middle of summer… but autumn staple much?) and those pants..those pants that people wear to beach weddings and on tropical vacations because they want to look prim whilest they escape the daily grind.. How is it that looking at them in a city context has changed my aboration to adoration? .

The editorial itself isn’t particularly special. There’s nothing new and exciting about it. But while it’s a fairly straightforward set of images, they are executed to perfection. The colours, the sun beating down, the hair, her eyes… excuse me while I continue to girl crush…  see the rest of the editorial here.

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PucesPop preview


Just a quick note to show you what I scored at PucesPop today! As I spent the morning tweeting about it, I figure I may as well show you the goods in short form now and satiate your appetite until the few proper posts dedicated to said items are ready.

I went with the explicit intention of not spending truckloads of cash as is often the case when I go to these things. It really is that hard for me not to leave with armfuls of stuff from these shows, even if I did just harp on about how consumerism is so bad…. yada yada yada. And not to say that it’s not…but – and there’s always a but – the amount of awesome indie designers present at PucesPop and so many other craft shows around the city always baffles me, inspires me, and moves me to want to support each and every one of them… not to mention the handmade jewelry that abounds, (I’m such a suck when it comes to that… most of my necklaces are products of the fairs!) But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

So, I snapped up a ‘vintage’ top from a reseller – note the quotations…There are heaps of people who set up shop at these fairs who scour the Salvation Army for the ‘hip’ redux items of the moment. Sometimes I get really annoyed because they’re being resold at an exorbatent and completely uneeded high price, but the ladies from Caesar Pony seem to do it honestly and out of the purest of pleasures: they love vintage shopping, and their prices reflect their honest drive. And hey, I’m not complaining – if someone else wants to dig through the racks for me, I’m all for happily scouring a whittled down collection of finds at the fair. I’m just not so sure it qualifies as genuine vintage seeing as the item I picked up is clearly from the 80’s.. Go ahead and argue that one with me: I’m from the 80’s and I’m definitely not vintage yet…

Moving on…I Nabbed a pair of leggings by I Heart Norwegian Wood! They’re from a few seasons past and I was happy to find them today. Leggings as pants feel so much more worthy with these in mind thanks to nice detailing on the knee and back calf (outfit post to come!)

I also picked up a set of Worn Fashion Journal issues from years past. I’d lost a few of my old ones in a move and the content is so perfectly timeless that I was happy to come across the older issues. I guess I kind fell into my old ways on this one…but I can’t help but want to support such an promising fashion initiative hailing straight out of Montreal (well, they’ve moved head offices to Toronto since the initial mag launch, but still…)

One last note: Thank you all for your lovely comments! I really love reading them… I will get back to everyone very shortly, promise!

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Les détails


Keeping things short today as I’ll be out shooting for the most part this afternoon. I’ve somehow managed to get a few good projects on the go, all to be featured here sous peu of course… Also, this weekend is PucePop, where I will be spending a huge chunk of my time. There are loads of fun things happening there and I love uncovering new designers, but I’ll leave those details for a proper post.

So, on to the subject at hand, yes? Because everyone likes an outfit post! Since starting to do them on a fairly steady basis I’ve come to realize something about the way I dress: I’m really into the little details. Be it a bright plastic ring, or little bow necklace (below)… Or maybe a particular pair of shoes? Until pretty recently I was even wary of patterns,  but never consciously. I just gravitate towards simple cuts and classic styles which is why for some time I struggled with doing outfit posts at all.

Being inspired to blog by the one and only susie bubble way back when, I’d always felt as though my outfits ought to be as consistently bold as hers for them to be worth posting. I also didn’t want to fall into the category of predictable posters who keep things so distinctly similar there really isn’t any point to posting.

And so here we are. You (maybe) still reading, and me (finally) getting to the point: (and realizing that this isn’t keeping things short at all..) I love me some details, especially when they speak for themselves.I don’t often pile on mounds of accessories, nor do I like throwing on more than about four layers at any given time. Needless to say, I’m a bit of a minimalist leaning to the casual side of things when it comes to my daily dress and this marinière top and a bow necklace I fell in love with at H&M a few years ago over some black bottoms are a perfect example of why. Classic, easy to wear and the little details get the spotlight.

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