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Coup de coeur


Above is me, fiddling with my camera in an attempt to fully capture the awesomeness that is my new pair of earings. Massive fail on my part, but all is not lost. Below, a better focused close-up of the sweetest summer accessorie in my collection to date.

Wearing this little smattering of florals on my ears has made me endlessly happy lately. I seem to be able to match them with just about anything and they are the perfect thing to turn around any underinspired getup I happen to throw on in a huff one morning say, when it’s really gross, cold, and rainy. I’m looking at you last friday…

No but really. It was like november all over again last week. I can handle April showers if there’s real promise of May flowers. But if I need to break out the umbrella and the tuque the same “spring” day, I can’t help but give a little verbal stink-eye to the universe. I’d look upward and do it for real, but you know, it was raining and all that…

Today on the other hand, is bright and sunny. I’ll officially stop complaining now:)

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  1. 04/26/2010 6:44 am

    Je les trouve très jolies ! Elles ont ce côté frais et rétro que j’affectionne beaucoup.

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