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Un éléphant qui se balançait…


A few weekends ago, my sister and I got together for an afternoon of crafting. A project long overdue, we headed over to the bead shop to stock up on chains, links, a few beads and the allmighty super fine, super pointy plyers that are  so key to  being able to manipulate miniscule metal pieces without wanting to scream. (If your thinking of trying with anything else, save yourself the trouble. Trust.)  After making a pit stop for some frosted treats we headed back to her apartment and got to work. Fast forward a few hours et voila, the finished product above plus a few pairs of earings and a bracelet!

Depending on the price of the chains and beads you choose,  this  project can end up being more expensive than if you bought a necklace in-store, but doing it yourself will guarantee you a one of a kind piece, made to your specifications, which in my books is worth the mini-splurge. Here I decided to keep things simple and made a charm-style necklace. I’ve also been reading a book about Bali which I think might be behind my choosing gold everything, an elephant charm and fake tusk/ivory beads..Smart me, I didn’t have my camera during the actual crafting, but I plan on doing a proper DIY again soon so hopefully that’ll make up for forgetting it this time around!

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