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Notes from the newsroom #2


This week has been a whirlwind of summer festival unveilings (summer in the city doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore) and playoff madness (this is THE hockey city after all, GO habs GO) which is why it’s been kind of quiet on the blog. Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed a few rather  sporadic updates over the past few days, which I blame on having had to run around the city like a madwoman. It was a chaotic one for sure, but the kind that leaves you excited and wired…

It’s moments like these that make me love the job I have, but also laugh at it just a little…The above picture, (which I snapped with my phone, sorry for the quality,) only shows about half the amount of journalists and cameras present. Everyone was clamoring to get close to this man, (quite the legend in Quebec.)

It was the funniest scene: he came and took his seat on the stool that was left out for him and everyone, who until that moment had been standing sort of off to the side, pearched and waiting to see what would be allowed of them. We all shimmied up to the man very carefully instead of the usual pounce and attack so characteristic of the media. To be fair, the man is 81 years old, but it wasn’t just that. There was no shoving, no pushing, no stepping over one another to get the shot, everyone was just in awe. There was the most hilarious, awckward mass of people trying to get as close as possible, which inevitably ended up leaving most of the journalists on their knees. (I was later told that this also happens quite often in politics, which leaves many a female journalist in an awckward…position, shall we say…) There we all were, looking up at this man, nodding vigorously at everything he said lest we look lackadaisical in the face of such creative genius (I should mention: renowned for his poetry and songs…check the wiki for the background!) as he happilly chatted away.

Thanks to a failing camera battery I was able to take a step back from the scene and appreciate it for what it was. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the ridiculousness of a good old media frenzy, least of all when everyone involved finds themselves starstruck, as this isn’t usually the case.

Earlier in the week I was in fact jammed so tightly between two cameramen and the bizzilions of other reporters present that I nearly fell into Jordan Staal. Ok, well I might not have minded that much had it happened… but were all trying to be proffessionals here right? … And anyways, I quickly followed up that near gaff by stupidly asking one of his teamates a question about the team, not quite thinking the man I was speaking to was actually on it, only to turn around minutes later and find myself interviewing him. He was really nice about it and of course all I could do was smile through the [mortifying] moment, while thinking: palm. to. face. palm. to. face.

And in other completely non-fashion related posting, standing in the Penguins locker room waiting for the players to come out to talk to the press is all the more surreal when you can hear them all giggling together in the shower.

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  1. 05/07/2010 10:36 am

    I have no words. When in the &?%$#@ did you become a sports journalist. When we get together prepare to answer a crazy interrogation. Anyway, love the recap!! xx

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