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Samedi et rien d’autre


With a thinning wallet and a clearing sky, (but not for long: snowed the next day. boo..) I headed out with Rapha to do some window shopping this Saturday after a lovely breakfast with both her and the always lovely Tamy, (who I really don’t get to see enough of, ahem ;) ) I figure nothing can stop me from going out and getting inspired, even if I’m not going home with anything. And off we go…

I’d never been inside Giraffe before but the drapery in the window had such a beautiful print on it that we had to peek inside. It’s a wonderful little place, filled to the brim with African art, jewelery and prints.

There were even some imported instruments, knicknacks and yards of beautifully patterned material that I suppose would fall into the category of ‘african print,’ but you know, legit, because they’re actually imported from Africa and aren’t designed to look Africa-ee..

I fell in love with these cloth bracelets not only because of the color explosion on my arm or the prints, but because of how amazingly lightweight they were. They look just as substantial as the more common wooden bangles, but  are as light as a feather…which of course got my cranks turning and I’m thinking I might spring for some patterned material soon. diy fun!!

Next up was le Marché MTL which, as a fashion obsessed Montrealer  I’m slightly ashamed to say I hadn’t been to since they moved from their old location (a bit over a year ago I think…eep!) It’s hard not

to spend hours in this place because there are just so many things to see. The place isn’t huge at all. It’s actually quite tiny, but if you have time to riffle, there’s an entire wall of beeds and chains that you can sort through if you have a hankering for a little jewelry creating (and fyi – they sell jewelry hole punchers and those magical plyers I mentioned last week there too.)

I was happy to see that they stock Canada’s fringe fashion magazine Worn which launched a few years ago. I hadn’t seen it around in a while but I’m glad it’s survived though it seems to be headquartered in Toronto now..

While parusing, I also noticed a little theme developping in the things that were catching my eye: earthy/nature/forest.. not so suprising what with it being springtime.. Found these necklaces by Oh la la bijoux from L.A. I really like the idea of a necklace of twigs (I’m partial to the gold version myself.) It reminds me of a reeth of flowers for some reason. It feels very ‘nymph’…The long gold necklace is pretty great too as I imagine it would twist very nicely into a crazy bracelet, kind of snakey-like..

A few snapshots of the store itself just because. How could I resist sharing such a cute little spot? The cashier stands beind a table with a massive poster from breakfast at tiffany’s on it and there’s this massive pink birdcage sitting next to little ‘acorn’ hats (you know, those little sit-on-the-side-of-your-head things?) Also, a brilliant little idea: amassing copies of old fashion mags and glossies and recycling them to new (and very happy) owners! I ended up snapping up three copies of some old Grazia‘s – I can never justfiy buying them because the content doesn’t really do it for me, but it’s such fun fodder to flip through.

After this stop we headed to the bookstore to pick up some brain food and then settled in at a cafe with some tea. A success on all fronts – I have a brain swimming in images of  my non-shopping trip that will soon be reflected onto the contents of my closet, a few diy ideas, and a comfortably cozy, unused bank card.

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  1. may permalink
    05/10/2010 12:41 am

    boy u have good self-control. all that crazy kute shopping and u didnt buy anything? :))) i really like the cloth bangles. they really stand out and could make an outfit. you know what you could do? buy cheap plastic bangles..go fabric shopping and wrap different fabrics around it. i forgot the name, but the store with the birdcages was kute. i’d like that store!!

  2. 05/10/2010 1:24 pm

    Love your little polaroid way to illustrate your tour :) Sounds like you had a better saturday than me! I must get to that place with the vintage mags!! xx

  3. 05/12/2010 3:45 pm

    I’m completely obsessed with twiggy, leafy, or bird jewelry ( mostly in gold, of course, like yourself.) Those are fantastic. I would have scooooped them up!

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