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It’s a piknic


Gratuitously picture heavy post ahead!! …Victoria day long weekend means making sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it outside.

This sunday was the first Piknic session and therefore marked the official opening of summer in Montreal. It was kind of perfect thanks to clear skies, and temperatures in the high 20’s. It’s a  summer long event that has a stream of dj’s passing through the city for a Sunday afternoon and evening of spinning in the open air on Île Ste-Hélène (a tiny island just off Montreal.) Even if you don’t love electronic music, if you can tolerate it for a few hours it’s really worth it to just escape the metropolitain city. It also happens to be some of the best people watching for miles.

Meet Gwyneth! We ended up just sitting in the sun and watching people dance and mill about for most of the time. We both spotted this girl wearing a beautiful jumpsuit/romper in what looked like the lightest cotton ever. Unfortunately all we could get out of her was that a ‘European designer’ of some sort made it for her. I know it looks kind of like a maxi dress from the side, but I promise you there are actually huge flowy legs with perfectly tappered ankles. The pattern is really simple and the top ties around the neck. Essentially the perfect attire for a hot day spent at a mini-music fest, and I am now on a quest to find something similar.

As you can tell, there was a lot of skin going on yesterday. Though it’s understandable with that many bodies conveening at Place de L’Homme to dance. I was just sitting there being a lazy lump and still kicked myself for not having brought my bathing suit top.. The winter turned us all into lightweights ..Not even 30 degrees and people where peeling off the layers!

(You’ll have to excuse the random bad quality of the two last pictures. My phone was being wierd…)

And finally, I give you the Montreal skyline. Summer in the city.

P.s – I would be eternally grateful if you would take a moment to watch my video and cast a vote fore me (which you can do right here) to win the oh so coveted job of resident fashion blogger for Twik & the Maison Simons. Please please plese vote! Click on my videoELIZA STRUTHERS-JOBIN – click vote and then confirm the vote through an email. I know its a bit of a hassle, but eternal love and gratefullness guys, that’s the prize! It would mean the world to me.

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  1. 05/24/2010 2:27 pm

    Love all of those pictures!!! What a fun day! I love going on picnics, they are my fav so I can imagine an organized community event around it would be EVEN BETTER!

  2. adelejoanna permalink
    05/25/2010 6:34 pm

    The weather looks great! & so do you! Hope you had fun!
    – Adele

  3. 05/26/2010 2:30 pm

    yo toute la ville était au premier picnik sauf moi! INJUSTICE
    j’étais sensée y aller mais finalement non :(

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