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Feeling blue


The other day I did something that I haven’t done in years. I wore a sky blue skirt. The skirt part? Not so odd. The sky blue however, very strange. You see, I have a very strained relationship with that hue… bright but light contained all in the same tone, it’s always kind of intrigued me… A shade akin to the sky on a nice day… Also the one color I spent all of high school in. Yep, not my proudest moment. I even asked my mother recently why in the world she’d let me leave the house with a tight ponytail parted down the middle(…I honestly…I don’t even know…), dressed head to toe in sky blue. She had no answere (Ok, not so true. She politely pointed me in the direction of my own stubborness and my general me-against-the-world attitude.. I was 15 guys, come on.. and anywyas, I choose to blame it on my rebellion against the color pink.) Either way though, I’ve since reconciled with both the awckwardness that is high school (recently parused a friends year book only to realize that everyone looked awckward and gawky at 15) and that lovely bright blue.

Now, I know that this isn’t a particularily inspired outfit, but keep in mind it was about a million degrees outside, which as I live in a self baking oven, means a million and half degrees in my appartment (hence the facial expression of death. Less is definitly more in this case…)

I particularily enjoy the contrast of the blue on an equally bright red. Though I’ll conceed to feeling a bit like both a sailor and an american on the 4th of July.. Technically it’s also the color combo sported by the now ousted Habs… but we needn’t speak about that… (for those of you with giant question mark above your heads, I’m referring to hockey and Montreal’s run for the cup being over… but again, we don’t need to talk about that…)

shirt: H&M | skirt: AA | belt: Tristan

While it’s not quite the same shade of blue, the outfit was actually inspired by that little cup I’m holding in my hand in the first picture. Take note peeps: when the barometer climbs, get yourself the following: mint, blackberries, strawberries, a jug and some water.

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  1. 05/29/2010 9:24 am

    OMG !! I have the SAME t-shirt, and was thinking of getting the EXACT SAME skirt the other day. Though I wouldn’t have thought of pairing the two, i must say, on you, they look über fabü!! I love your style, so perfect and SO YOU!!

    I decided to forgo the skirt, cause i had already picked out a dress and a couple of tanks for my man (80$ ..yikes), but it’s on my wishlist (i used to loathe this color and am now obsessed by it..go figure)

    Always a pleasure reading you, i just love love love your blog and your berry mint water!!

    • unefilledemtl permalink*
      06/01/2010 8:55 am

      What can I say Ziggy!! Great minds think alike ;) x

  2. 05/31/2010 6:01 am

    You look great in that skirt – love the colour and the shape. xx

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