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PucesPop preview


Just a quick note to show you what I scored at PucesPop today! As I spent the morning tweeting about it, I figure I may as well show you the goods in short form now and satiate your appetite until the few proper posts dedicated to said items are ready.

I went with the explicit intention of not spending truckloads of cash as is often the case when I go to these things. It really is that hard for me not to leave with armfuls of stuff from these shows, even if I did just harp on about how consumerism is so bad…. yada yada yada. And not to say that it’s not…but – and there’s always a but – the amount of awesome indie designers present at PucesPop and so many other craft shows around the city always baffles me, inspires me, and moves me to want to support each and every one of them… not to mention the handmade jewelry that abounds, (I’m such a suck when it comes to that… most of my necklaces are products of the fairs!) But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

So, I snapped up a ‘vintage’ top from a reseller – note the quotations…There are heaps of people who set up shop at these fairs who scour the Salvation Army for the ‘hip’ redux items of the moment. Sometimes I get really annoyed because they’re being resold at an exorbatent and completely uneeded high price, but the ladies from Caesar Pony seem to do it honestly and out of the purest of pleasures: they love vintage shopping, and their prices reflect their honest drive. And hey, I’m not complaining – if someone else wants to dig through the racks for me, I’m all for happily scouring a whittled down collection of finds at the fair. I’m just not so sure it qualifies as genuine vintage seeing as the item I picked up is clearly from the 80’s.. Go ahead and argue that one with me: I’m from the 80’s and I’m definitely not vintage yet…

Moving on…I Nabbed a pair of leggings by I Heart Norwegian Wood! They’re from a few seasons past and I was happy to find them today. Leggings as pants feel so much more worthy with these in mind thanks to nice detailing on the knee and back calf (outfit post to come!)

I also picked up a set of Worn Fashion Journal issues from years past. I’d lost a few of my old ones in a move and the content is so perfectly timeless that I was happy to come across the older issues. I guess I kind fell into my old ways on this one…but I can’t help but want to support such an promising fashion initiative hailing straight out of Montreal (well, they’ve moved head offices to Toronto since the initial mag launch, but still…)

One last note: Thank you all for your lovely comments! I really love reading them… I will get back to everyone very shortly, promise!

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  1. 06/06/2010 8:43 am

    ça a l’air super ce “worn fashion journal” !

  2. 06/06/2010 1:33 pm

    Looks like a great event. xx

  3. 06/06/2010 2:46 pm

    Love the pink top! So pretty!


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